Recent Graduates

Allison Grady

Career Goals: Teach for America

How S4Si has affected her life: Hugely. It has helped me realize my passion for global development, education equality, feminism, and sexual violence prevention. It has also helped me gain leadership skills that will affect every aspect of my life.


Katie Cullen

Career Goals: Teach for America

How S4Si has affected her life: It has shaped many of my experiences over the past four years and has helped develop a desire to advance education equality in the US and abroad. It also gave me the opportunity to travel somewhere and learn an immeasurable amount about the world and myself.


Kevin Watson

Career Goals: MS in Commerce at McIntire School at UVa

How S4Si has affected his life: S4Si has greatly enhanced my understanding of the global issue of women’s equality in education and the impact that equal access can have on a community and nation. My time with S4Si has influenced my plans for the future, as I hope to pursue a career with an education-focused non-profit after I finish graduate school.


Christina Nasuti

Career Goals: JD at UNC Law

How S4Si has affected her life: As a graduate of an all-female high school, I am a strong proponent of women’s education. S4Si helped me put this passion into action and to support young women abroad in their quest to gain an education and serve their communities. Writing stories about these young women gave a touching insight into their ambition and perseverance. Stories about S4Si members cemented my faith in the Carolina community’s commitment to helping those in need at home and abroad. All in all, my experience in S4Si supported admirable principles and gave me an outlet to support this worthy cause.