Get Involved

How Can Students Get involved?

Student volunteers can get involved with S4Si in many different ways. The easiest and quickest way it to join us in one of our many events throughout the school year. We work with other student groups on campus, off-campus business and performance groups to host many different types of fundraising events throughout the fall and spring semesters. Take a look at our calendar for more information about upcoming events.

Another option is to join us at ourAnnual Auction for Educationwhich we hold every spring. It provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our scholars and our program, to to get involved with S4Si.

For those who are looking to really get involved, we have several volunteer committees. Our committees typically meet every week or two and have regular, delegated tasks that are integral to the operation of S4Si. Below are quick outlines of our committees and what each does on a regular basis. If you are interested in getting involved, email

Our events committee meets weekly to discuss possible new event ideas and report back to the executive committee on any new contacts we have made in the community. The committee members are responsible for contacting businesses to host events, generating new event ideas, and helping to orchestrate the events itself. In the past we have worked with bars and restaurants on Franklin street to hold benefit nights, we have hosted and orchestrated talent shows and we have sold items in the pit, among other things. In addition the events committee is integral in helping to set up our annual auction for education.

The communications committee is responsible for relaying information about S4Si to our donors and members. The communications committee typically meets biweekly and composes our monthly news letter which is emailed out once a month to keep everyone who is interested informed about our scholars, mentors, fundraisers and members. In addition, the communications committee produces fliers, t-shirts and other forms of media for electronic and physical distribution.

Outreach works to expand knowledge about S4Si throughout both UNC’s campus and the Chapel Hill community as a whole. On campus, we establish relationships with other campus organizations as well as Greek organizations by co-sponsoring and collaborating on events with them. We are grateful and excited that several organizations, including MSA, DSP, and KD have adopted and will hopefully continue to adopt S4Si scholars. This year, we have also reached out to several local (and not so local) high schools by putting on presentations about S4Si. As a result, several have agreed to put on fundraisers for S4Si, and we are excited to establish a more long-term relationship with those schools.