Support S4SI

Why Give?

We believe in S4Si. As an all-volunteer organization, S4Si maintains a dedicated corps of members because we see, every day, that our organization makes a difference in the lives of our Scholars. It is our hope that you too will come to share our excitement and commitment for this organization.

We believe S4Si is a great investment for several reasons:

  1.  Every dollar counts. A year of education in Zanzibar costs just $300. Any donation, no matter the amount, empowers a child to go to school.
  2. We have a record of success. Since 1995, S4Si has been empowering students to complete their education and break out of poverty. Over the years, our Scholars have gone on to work in medicine, law, finance, and journalism. In collaboration with the community of Scholars, we help to identify the most outstanding students who would most benefit from an investment in their education.
  3. We connect you with our Scholars. S4Si maintains close relationships with all our Scholars which allows us to keep you in touch with their lives as they progress through high school, university, and beyond.
  4. We are efficient. S4Si is entirely student-run which means no salaries to pay or offices to rent. Our administrative costs are well below 5% of our total budget, which means your money goes directly to support our Scholars.
  5. We are transparent. S4Si recognizes that donors give more than money when they contribute. They give their trust. Therefore we work to maintain clear and direct communication with all our donors.
  6. All donations are tax deductible. S4Si is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so a contribution to S4Si is not only a meaningful investment but also a responsible one.

If you would like to donate, please follow the link to the Make a Donation page. Thank You